Can You Spray Paint Bi-Fold Doors?

Can You Spray Paint Bifold Doors?

The Easy answer is yes, You can paint Bi-Fold doors any colour you choose interanlly and externally.

Generally, people are worried that spray painting their bifold doors may affect the way they work and the operation of
them as all moving parts are maintenance-free.

We are specialists at spray painting bi-fold doors and sash windows. Always consult a specialist for help so your bi-fold doors can be restored to the factory finish correctly and by professionals. If you try this yourself and don\’t take the proper precautions there are lots of potential tricky and costly risks you may be taking.

We can paint any style of Bifold doors in a mixture of materials from composite, plastic and aluminium

How Do You Spray Paint Bi-fold Doors 

As a long-standing spray-painting company with time served spray technicians each with many years’ experience.

Firstly we protect and mask off the hinges, brackets, and sliders to ensure the paint does not touch any of these moving parts so we maintain the continued smooth operation when the door is opening and closing.

Next, we mask off the bi-fold doors to guarantee that we only paint the frame itself both internally and externally, enhancing the appearance of the doors with the colour you pick. This coating will protect the doors for many years and transform their look.
We ensure that we do not paint over any hinges, brackets, and sliders as this may affect their functionality and could possibly void your manufacturer’s warranty. We provide a bi-fold door painting service only,  so our service will not affect your warranty.

We are professional UPVC spray painters with over 15 years’ experience. We are able to work with any item you need spray painting internally or externally. We use a paint that lasts for a minimum of 10 years if care is taken with the surfaces. We provide a 10-year guarantee for the paint finish.


How Much Do You Charge For Bi-Fold Door Painting 

All jobs are different but as a rule of thumb, you can change the colour and finish of your Bi Fold Doors without replacing them for between £300 – £700 dependant on size. But please don\’t take this as a fixed figure because the more units we paint the more discount you get.

We also price match so contact for a quote


Bi Fold Door Paint Colour Choices

Our customers are changing the colour of the windows and doors from white and brown to any colour now. The most popular is Ral 7016 Anthrecite Grey but we have had some weird and wonderful requests and they all look amazing.
Everyone home or bussiness is different so the choice of colour is totally yours. The change in colour of your window and door frame will totally
change the appearance of your property adding that finishing touch.
Take a look at our gallery page to see how the character of your property can be
enhanced by spray painting your UPVC.


Remember, it’s always best to hire a professional when thinking about this kind of project. Contact the award winning Cheshire uPVC Coatings Today for a no obligation quote

We hope this answers some of your questions and hope to hear from you soon.