You want your personality to be reflected in the places where you truly belong, let it be your home or office. At Cheshire uPVC Coatings, we ensure your living spaces illuminate the same identity that resembles you.

Cheshire & North West Painting And Decorating Service

When it comes to painting and decorating, 25 years of experience and a 10-year guarantee period are the bare minimum we have on offer. For a new place, it is needless to say that a professional paint job goes a long way. From lifting up your mood to providing a healthy and comfortable living experience, we assure you will get a picture-perfect painting and decorating service to complement your lifestyle.

Moreover, if not done by a professional, your precious home may lose out its aesthetic appeal by rookie mistakes such as cracks or nail pops. Avoid your loved living space being uninteresting and benefit from greater peace of mind as we take care of transforming your house into a home, sweet home.

Damp Protection For Your Home By Professional Painters And Decorators In Cheshire

Now even if you have already painted your house earlier, we can give you a hand. As your walls absorb moisture over time, they can get damp. Damp walls tend to give out an uncomfortable vibe throughout and in the long term can cause damage to your building structure. It is normal that your walls go through a wear and tear process and have a little smudge here and a tiny crack there. 

No worries, with our professional painting service, you can give those aged walls a new look. We will seal those moist pores with protective coats, paint the scratches away with a high-quality paint layer and have them look good as new.

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Joshua Dunbar

Couldn’t be happier with the team and the finished result.. the guys were on time, professional, and a pleasure to have around.

Laura Leigh

I absolutely love my new windows and door. Cheshire uPVC have done a fabulous job they went above and beyond as the render I used had a different top coat that no tape would stick to but they found a great solution and I couldn’t be happier with my results

Steve Tailor

Can’t fault Melanie and the team, my windows and doors look fantastic… If your looking for an honest family business.

Highly Recommend!

Looking To Transform Your Home With A Paint Job?

Apart from walls, there are multiple issues that you may feel like adjusting. We are well past the 90s and who wants to work under a popcorn ceiling anyway? Or is it the worn kitchen cabinet ? Maybe you just want to get rid of the decades old wallpaper and want to go for a paint job instead?

No matter what you want to do with your home or office, as long as painting and decorating are concerned, you can count on us for the best paint job in Cheshire and surrounding areas.

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Our painting and decorating experts are here to assist you with any project. We will make the procedure simple and straightforward for you, no matter how big or small the project is. Call Us Today for a no-obligation estimate and let us show you why Cheshire uPVC Coatings is the best option for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

uPVC Painting And Decorating FAQs

Yes. We have been in the painting business for the last 25 years and we have a lot of happy customers. We will be happy to share some references should you require them. Just let us know via email and we will reply back with our references in no time.
We always request our customers to remove all fragile and small items during the painting process. The same applies to anything you consider valuable. While we do our best to ensure your furniture, carpets etc. are covered and protected, precautionary measures from your end are recommended.
Of course. Just email us at with your requirements and we will get in touch with you shortly.
We will be happy to share a timeframe with our quotation. Please note all paint projects are different and the amount of time will vary depending on the size of the property and the type of service taken.