How Much Does It Cost To Spray Paint Kitchens & Cabinets?

Spray painting is an affordable and effective way to give a new lease of life to kitchen cabinets without the expense of a full renovation. However, before embarking on a kitchen spray painting project, it is essential to consider the cost implications involved. In this article, we will explore the question: “How much does it cost to spray paint kitchens and cabinets?”

How Much Does it Cost to Spray Paint Kitchens and Cabinets?

Each kitchen is different but as a rule of thumb, we normally say around £65 per cabinet, multiply £65 by the number of kitchen cabinets that need spraying for a rough estimate. We have sprayed many kitchens of varying sizes and the majority of them are quoted between £500 and £1,000. This is a fraction of the price of replacing an entire kitchen unit. It entails no messing building work. It will be completed in a day and at a time you choose so won’t affect your daily routine.

Cost Breakdown

  • £65 per cabinet (facings only
  • £85 per pantry/larder cabinet (size and area are increased)
  • £68 for the face of a built-in appliance

The above pricing is just a rough estimate for our fully guaranteed and professional Kitchen spray-painting services. Your kitchen is unique to you and prices will depend on the number of cabinets and space available to work in.

Should I Buy New Cabinets or Get Mine Repainted?

This depends on why you want a new look for your kitchen. Are the cabinets damaged and broken? Or do you just want a fresh new colour? If your current kitchen is in good condition and you aren’t wanting to alter the layout, we’d recommend our kitchen painting and spraying service to spruce up the look and feel of your kitchen.

Problems like laminate peeling or colours fading can all be fixed by our professional team of experts. The average cost of repainting your kitchen and cabinets is normally around £500-1000,while the cost of refitting a brand new kitchen can be as much as £20,000.

What Colour Can I Paint My Kitchen?

We can offer a variety of finishes and colours to suit your individual kitchen and taste. We are happy to look at the style and recommend colour to you as well.

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