Your front door is the main line of defence against not just the physical threats from intruders – it’s also one of the biggest indicators of your house’s ‘kerb appeal’, which will be a big factor in increasing its value. So it pays off handsomely to keep it looking its best.

uPVC Door Painting

But have you ever thought about all the stress your door takes, from its constant use as the main route into your house?

If you were to take a close look, you might find that the lovely, rich colour you enjoyed when your door was first installed is looking a little more dull and possibly even faded.

The people who sell us uPVC doors often tell us that they are maintenance-free. But just like any other part of the outside of your home, your door needs some occasional TLC to bring it back to something like its original condition.

Discolouration and marks from greasy hands can all start to work their way into the grain of your uPVC door surfaces, and while these can all be cleaned off with a range of special products, the long-term traces can easily hang around.

So you might be relieved to know that you can restore your door with fresh layers of uPVC paint which will get it back to looking like new by taking advantage of our uPVC door painting service.

At Cheshire uPVC Coating we use a pallet of hundreds of colours, all specially formulated to give a lustrous, even coating which dries to add extra protection, and cover up the weak spots which time will have exposed in your original uPVC frames. Best of all, it looks great!

We have all the specialist equipment needed for spraying uPVC doors, and can complete the job to your total satisfaction. And of course, it all takes much less time, and causes less of the inconvenience of having your uPVC doors completely replaced.

The customer service that underpins our expert service of spraying uPVC doors, along with the quality of our products and services themselves, have earned us the accolade of Best uPVC Spraying Specialists in England and Wales from construction and property markets publication BUILD magazine.

Feedback From Happy Customers

But don’t have to take our word for it, or even that of our fellow professionals. As well as this official recognition, we have a host of testimonials provided by the people who really matter – our own past customers, who have passed on some very kind comments online.

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Joshua Dunbar

Couldn’t be happier with the team and the finished result.. the guys were on time, professional, and a pleasure to have around.

Laura Leigh

I absolutely love my new windows and door. Cheshire uPVC have done a fabulous job they went above and beyond as the render I used had a different top coat that no tape would stick to but they found a great solution and I couldn’t be happier with my results

Steve Tailor

Can’t fault Melanie and the team, my windows and doors look fantastic… If your looking for an honest family business.

Highly Recommend!


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Frequently Asked Questions

uPVC Door Painting FAQs

Painting your UPVC is the usual go-to to improve the overall look of your UPVC door, but the usual problem that lies with this notion is what type of paint and what type of colour to use. 

Overall, the colour will be up to the homeowner, but choosing the paint type can be difficult as most homeowners may not know what the best paint will be for UPVC doors. As painting experts, we absolutely recommend paint that can withstand various weather conditions, such as multi-surface paint. 

If you’re unsure what to get, however, just give us a call and we can talk you through the best practices for painting your door!

Front doors should be semi-glossed as it allows your front door to become more wear and stain-resistant than normal sheens. 

The reflective properties of semi-gloss front doors can also allow homeowners to easily clean them, highlight carvings and other architectural flourishes on the door, which delivers an attractive look and shiny finish in the entryway of your home.

If you’re set with acquiring new paint for your UPVC door, then picking a colour is the next step.

Most people pick doors closely related to primary colours such as moss green, sky blue or light red depending on their tastes. Green is a relatively popular colour for UPVC doors and garage doors as well, while red comes close in second.

In reality, it’s a matter of what your taste is and what you want for your own home’s door. There’s no wrong answer here, just pick the colour you want and get started painting! For a more professional paint application, call or contact us today.

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