Can U Paint uPVC windows and doors in Cold or Wet Weather?

Can U Paint uPVC windows and doors in Cold or Wet Weather?

Every different uPVC paint type has a weather recommendation guide for use in a different scenario, temperatures and weather. uPVC Paints will all have been made using a different base like oil, solvent and water. The paint will be designed for internal and or external use. Normal practice is to apply the uPVC paint in dry weather with temperatures between 11°C and 33°C. We want the paint to dry at a steady rate so it sets correctly and give you the right finish. We need it to bond to the UPVC properly and finish its natural drying process.    

Can you Paint uPVC below 7°C

There are some paints that have a solvent-based which will let you apply at temperatures as low as 7°C. UPVC shouldn’t be painted if the temperature is at or below 7°C. Cold or freezing weather stops or slows the drying process and extends the drying time which extends the job time and increases risk or exposure to rain and even morning dew which will ruin the final finish. Cold weather also has a tendency to create dew. This can ruin the finish. When painting uPVC windows, doors, fascia, gutters and garage doors we don’t need to prime them as the solvent-based paint forms a molecular cross bond with the plastic surface and give you a colour stable and u.v resistant finish. This uPVC Paint finish is flexible and will now be and will protect the uPVC frames from heat and the suns UV rays and keep the colour crisp so it last for many years.  

How Do You Get The Best uPVC Paint Finish 

For the best finish warm dry weather between 11°C and 33°C  is always preferred. We use time served spray technicians who will always asses the property before we start work to ensure there is nothing that will hamper us completing the job to the best of our ability. If the item is removable we can also take it back to our paint shop where the temperature is controlled and is dry and dust-free. If you have any questions about uPVC paint spraying then don’t hesitate to contact us.   We hope this answers some of your questions and hope to hear from you soon.