How Long Does The UPVC Paint Colour Last For?

How Long Does The UPVC Paint Colour Last For?

At least 10 years. All the paint we use comes with a 10-year guarantee again peeling, cracking and fading.

We know that the uPVC paint colour could possibly last 20 or 30 years and might even last the lifespan of your uPVC frames.

The frames are protected by the uPVC paint against the harmful UV rays but they are a type of plastic and will degrade over time.

This is why uPVC painting when done properly will ensure that the colour you choose does not fade over time, no matter how strongly the sun or rain hits your home. This colour consistency on the frames will ensure your uPVC windows, doors, fascias, soffits and gutters looks great for many years to come.!

We always make sure we paint your uPVC frames in optimal weather conditions so there will be no issues in the futrue

Will UV Rays Damage My uPVC Windows & Doors 

UPVC should be painted if the temperature is at or below 7°C. Cold or freezing weather stops or slows the drying process and extends the drying time which extends the job time and increases risk or exposure to rain and even morning dew which will ruin the final finish. Cold weather also has a tendency to create dew. This can ruin the finish.

When painting uPVC windows, doors, fascia, gutters and garage doors we don’t need to prime them as the solvent-based paint forms a molecular cross bond with the plastic surface and give you a colour stable and u.v resistant finish.

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