Can you paint uPVC

windows & doors?

The simple answer is yes, you can paint uPVC windows & doors. Read on to find out more about painting uPVC windows and doors.

uPVC Window and Door Painting

Here at Cheshire uPVC Coating, we get asked every day by a variety of homeowners and businesses if you can paint uPVC windows and doors. The answer from us is always a resounding yes, but there is a lot of preparation required before you look to start painting uPVC windowsdoors, facias, and garage doors

Preparing the uPVC frames is essential so that you can achieve the desired finished effect, and Cheshire uPVC Coating is one of the leading uPVC painting companies in the UK offering our expertise nationwide.

Freshen up the look of your home

Over time it is quite common for homeowners to upgrade their windows and doors to modern uPVC window frames and uPVC Doors.  You can even paint kitchens and wardrobes.  When compared with older-style wooden frames there is much less upkeep required, and they also have a much longer lifespan. Modern houses are built as standard with uPVC window frames as they are more cost-effective, as well as easy to maintain. However, given enough time and even with proper maintenance, your uPVC frames can start to look tired and weathered.

What is uPVC?

It may seem like a silly question, but we get asked all the time what does uPVC stand for, and the answer is that uPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, and it can also be known as PVCu. It is a type of plastic that is well known for being weather resistant, requiring very little maintenance and being a very resilient material, ideal for window and door frames, and well as other things such as drainage pipes for the exterior of your home.

So Why Not Use PVC Instead for Door and Window Frames?

Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as PVC, was used for many of the same uses as uPVC today with PVC window frames and doors, as well as drainage pipes. However, there was a problem with this material that was identified over time, and that it tends to fade and weather over time and turns a yellowish colour, leaving the exterior of a building looking unattractive. As a result of this, the industry switched to the more resistant form of uPVC material for window frames and doors, as well as outside guttering.

Why Choose to Paint UPVC Windows?

As we have already mentioned previously, uPVC is a hard-wearing material, and although the colour may find over time they are still structurally sound, just not as aesthetically pleasing. With the sometimes harsh weather conditions in the UK with a variety of different types of weather battering your home, uPVC is the perfect material to use for door frames and window frames. They are much more efficient, as well as cheaper to produce when compared t other materials used such as wood and metal, losing less heat and helping to keep down your energy bills. Not having energy-efficient windows and doors can allow the heat to escape from your home and can also help to cause damp conditions.

As such, Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is now the industry standard for window frames and doors when building both domestic and commercial properties, or when looking to upgrade a property. However, as standard many uPVC window frames and doors tend to come in a standard white, which is not always popular with homeowners. But there is a way that you can change the colour of your uPVC window and door frames, and the answer is easy! Call Cheshire uPVC Coating, and they can help you to change the colour, without replacing your door and window frames, and at a fraction of the cost of replacing uPVC windows and doors.

Painting uPVC Windows

Window spraying is the technique used by professionals when they paint uPVC window frames, and it requires not only skill but also a particular type of paint. You can purchase or hire the spraying equipment and even get the paint and have a go at it yourself, but be warned you could end up making a mess and the paint it very hard to remove once applied. So it is advised that you use the services of a professional uPVC window spraying company to ensure that you get a smooth and professional finish.

At Cheshire uPVC Coating we are experts in uPVC spray painting and use all of the latest technology to get the perfect finish to window and door frames, leaving our customers fully satisfied with the results. Using the services of Cheshire uPVC Coating to bring a new breath of air to your window and door frames can save you as much as 80% of the cost of having your window and doors replaced. So the question really should be why replace your uPVC doors and windows when you can get them painted instead!

A Variety Of uPVC Paint Colours Available

Painting your existing window and door frames is a better choice than replacing them for two reasons. Firstly, you can select from a wide range of colors and secondly, the process is less messy. By opting for any Ral or Farrow & Ball color, you can ensure a perfect finish and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Cheshire uPVC Coating can mix any color you desire, enabling you to change the appearance of your home affordably and quickly, without having to replace the window frames and doors.

Feedback From Happy Customers

But you don’t have to take our word, or even that of our fellow professionals. We can back up this official recognition with lots of testimonials provided by the people who really matter – our own past customers, who have passed on some very kind comments online. 

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Can’t fault Melanie and the team, my windows and doors look fantastic… If your looking for an honest family business.

Highly Recommend!

How Do You Paint uPVC Windows?

At Cheshire uPVC Coating we have a wealth of experience in bringing tired old window and door frames back to live by using uPVC paint spraying. We have a highly skilled team that travels all over the UK breathing new life into an assortment of different types of buildings leaving lots of happy customers. We are methodical in our process to ensure that we achieve the highest level of finish that is possible.

The first part of the process is to clean all of the uPVC windows and door frames thoroughly, ensuring that they get a deep clean. The process will remove any debris from the surfaces including dust, dirt grease, and anything else which may affect the uPVC paint from adhering to the surface correctly, and alter the finishes effect.

Once all of the uPVC frames are cleaned thoroughly, the next step in the process is to create a slight abrasion to the uPVC surface. The abrasive surface gives the uPVC paint the perfect surface to adhere to and will mean that a smooth even finish will be possible when spraying the uPVC paint.

Now that the surface is fully prepared, our expert uPVC painting technicians can start the spraying process. We will usually apply a minimum of three layers of uPVC paint to your door and window frames, but depending on your chosen colour, it could take a few more coats to achieve the desired finish.

Once the final coats of uPVC paint have been applied, they will be allowed to dry for around 30 minutes, when they will then be inspected to ensure that a perfect finish has been achieved with a smooth and even layer of coloured uPVC paint having been applied. Once the uPVC painting has been thoroughly inspected to ensure it passes quality control, our team with then start to clean up the area and remove the protective coverings that were placed to stop paint from getting where it was not needed. The result will transform your home and leave it looking like you have spent a lot more money that you have.


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