Can You Spray Paint Aluminium Windows?

Aluminum windows are a popular choice among homeowners due to their durability and modern look. However, over time, the paint on aluminum windows can start to chip and peel, leaving them looking worn and unsightly. In this article, we will explore the question: can you spray paint your aluminum windows?

Can You Spray Paint Aluminium Windows?

Most people Originally got aluminium windows because the factory painted finish of aluminium windows looks fantastic and high-quality aluminium windows can last up to 45 years, however, the finish can be ruined if the surface is scratched.  The factory finish of aluminium windows is soft whether painted or anodized is silver underneath, and if the surface is scratched it reveals the silver.

You can restore the factory finish look by contacting Cheshire uPVC Coatings who are professionals in spray painting and restoring your aluminium windows.

Can I Paint My Aluminium Windows Myself?

Doing it yourself you will  use a brush to paint you aluminium windows and this leaves brush marks, to obtain an even, smooth factory finish they would need to be spray painted, achieving the original factory finish.

We are confident in our expertise as we have spray painted thousands of windows and hundreds of aluminium windows and aluminium trims achieving fantastic results.  We use a paint that lasts for a minimum of 10 years protecting the metal underneath.  The paint finish we use is more durable than the original finish of the aluminium windows. We also paint Bi-fold doors and conservatories as well.

You can choose to respray your aluminium windows any colour, changing the appearance of them and giving your home or fresh new feel and transforming its look .   We are able to change the colours for example from black aluminium trims to grey which is a popular choice.  If you have had a new frame fitted, we are also able to offer a perfect colour match and finish of your frames to match existing frames.

Please note corroded metals cannot be resprayed and to successful respray your frames the aluminium would need to be clean and free from corrosion.  The surface needs to be carefully prepared, including priming for the paint to adhere properly, as alumimum windows cannot be painted without some preparation.

How Much Does Aluminium Window Painting Cost?

Dependant on the surface of the aluminium, it will take a bit longer than a standard window of the same size and each size of the window will be a different, price but we would expect generally between £130 and £180 dependant on size and position on the property. Far Cheaper than replacing and with much less mess. Why not ask for a quote and we will see how many windows and doors you have and impress you with the price.

What Colour Can I Paint My Aluminium Windows?

We offer a wide range of colours working with the RAL chart  Colour chart as Well as Farrow & Ball.  The most popular colour change is from white to RAL 7016 ‘anthracite grey’, however, the choice is yours. We have done many colour changes and some that we thought wouldn’t look good but look amazing.  We offer a range of paint finishes including satin finish, gloss and matte.

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