Can You Spray Paint uPVC Sash Windows?

Can You Spray Paint UPVC Sash Windows?

If you want to change the appearance of your windows then spray painting your UPVC Sash Windows is a great option, it is far cheaper than replacing them and is much better for the environment.

We would only recommend spray painting sash windows if they are in mechanically sound and working order.  Once painted your windows will appear as if they were originally installed in the new colour and you can pick any colour for us to respray them.

Sash windows that are spray-painted by a professional uPVC Painting Company will last more than ten years if care is taken with the surfaces and also has the added benefit of creating less mess than replacing them.

Is Spray Painting uPVC Sash Windows Difficult? 

As sash windows move up and down exposing some surface points and not others, we are required to inform you that we would be unable to spray paint the hidden areas of the window frames.  The hidden areas can only be painted if the window is dismantled which we would not recommend and is not required to change the overall appearance of the windows.  We will paint every visible surface outside and inside also replacing the colour matching sealant. You won\’t be able to see anything out of the ordinary and they will look like they were always that colour.

As professionals, we at Cheshire UPVC Coating move the frames whilst manipulating your windows in their settings to spray paint the required areas.  This is a specialised process that we are expert at.  We spray usually three layers of paint, on occasions four layers, whilst ensuring the smooth operation of the mechanical performance on a sash.  We are confident in our expertise as we have spray painted hundreds of sash windows in many different types of property and locations.


How Much Is uPVC Sash Window Painting ? 

Because of the complexity of painting a uPVC Sash window it will take a bit longer than a standard window of the same size and each size of window will be a different, price but we would expect generally between £120 and £170 dependant on size and position on the property. Far Cheaper than replacing and with much less mess. Why not ask for a quote and we will see how many windows and doors you have and impress y9ou with the price.

What Colour Can I Paint My uPVC Sash Windows? 

We offer a range of colours working with the RAL chart  Colour chart as Well as Farrow & Ball.  The most popular colour change is from white to RAL 7016 ‘anthracite grey’, however, the choice is yours. We have done many colour changes and some that we thought wouldn\’t look good but look amazing.  We offer a range of paint finishes including satin finish, gloss and matte.

Check out some  uPVC Paint colours here Ral and Farrow & Ball



Remember, it’s always best to hire a professional when thinking about this kind of project. Contact the award winning Cheshire uPVC Coatings Today for a no obligation quote

We hope this answers some of your questions and hope to hear from you soon.