How Much Does It Cost To Spray Paint Kitchens & Cabinets?

How Much Does It Cost To Spray Paint Kitchens & Cabinets?

How much does it cost to spray paint kitchens and cabinets?

Each kitchen is different but as a rule of thumb we normally say around £65 per cabinet, multiple £65 by the number of kitchen cabinets that need spraying. We have sprayed many kitchens of varying sizes and the majority of them are quote  between £500 and £1,000. This is a fraction of the price of replacing a kitchen . It entails no messing building work. It will be completed in a day and at a time you choose so won’t affect your daily routine.

Here’s a breakdown of prices and costs:

£65 per cabinet (facings only)

£85 per pantry / larder cabinet ( size and area is increased)

£68 for a face of a built in appliance

The above pricing is just rough estimates for our fully guaranteed and  professional Kitchen spray-painting services.

Your kitchen is unique to you and prices will depend on the amount of cabinets and space available to work in.

1)      Are we are spraying on site or removing items and spraying at our spray facility?

2)      Do  your existing units need any repairs pre painting?

3)      Are you keeping the existing door furniture or ones that will use the same holes or do we need to fill your existing holes and fit new door furniture?

4)  Do you want us to spray your kitchen 1 colour or multiple colours.

The next biggest question we get about Kitchen painting other than price which is always affordable is:

Q – Should I keep My Existing kitchen Or Should I Get It Sprayed?

A – Only you can answer that question really.

Let us ask you a question in return:

Q- What is the reason you want a new kitchen or your existing kitchen painted?

( I will try an answer this for you)

A – Most people want a new kitchen  but because they don’t like the colour of the units and doors. Others want new handles , Some will have peeling laminate on the doors.

All of these issues can be fixed by professional Kitchen Painting and Kitchen Cabinet painting.

If you want a change in layout then definately change your kitchen but if other than that you might want to get a proce for kitchen spraying.

We know the cost to spray paint kitchen cabinets a fraction of the cost and hassle of replacing part or the whole kitchen. The finish you will get will be equivalent to the finish on a new door or cabinet facing.

Kitchen painting costs  can be between £500 – £1000 dependant on the factors above.

Kitchen replacement can cost between £2000 and £10,000 dependant on what you have replaced.

We can offer a variety of finishes and colours to suit your individual kitchen and taste. We are happy to look at the style and recommend colour to you as well.

Check out some  uPVC Paint colours here Ral and Farrow & Ball


Remember, it’s always best to hire a professional when thinking about getting your kitchen painted and sprayed. Contact the award-winning Cheshire uPVC Coatings Today for a no-obligation quote on price.

We hope this answers some of your questions and hope to hear from you soon.