Office Window Painting Prices & Cost\’s

Office Window Painting Prices & Cost\’s

We are an established reputable spraying firm that specialises in spray painting internally and externally. We offer an expert service, spray painting commercial premises including office windows . We offer a 10-year guarantee on our work. We can usually paint office windows for between £150 – £300 dependant on size and we always recommend getting a quote as these are very general prices.

Spraying Office Windows

As a reputable professional company with many years of experience, we can dramatically improve the appearance of your commercial buildings ensuring your premises is more attractive to your customers, by spray painting your office window frames. This process involves respraying your window frames in your chosen colour to compliment the building.  This is a low-cost option to enhance the appearance of your premises.  Spray painting also has a positive impact in terms of providing added protection for your window frames from the elements, maintaining the condition of your premises making potential savings on repairs in the long term.


Re-Coating Metal Windows

Natural weathering results in the paint fading and peeling away from the metal. Weare able to spray paint the interior and exterior of your office windows and curtainwalling. We offer a 24-hour service ensuring that work can be carried outside ofusual office hours reducing any disruption to your company. Our paint work isguaranteed for 10 years and can last significantly longer, making it a more durable
solution.As a professional company all our employees are qualified paint sprayers trained in all types of spraying and material spraying with experience of using specialised spray-painting equipment including at height.



Can You Colour Match?


As professionals with over 25years of experience we are able to offer a colourmatching service resulting in an extremely durable factory finish. You have a range of colours to choose from and we also offer a colour match service. We use colours from the RAL colour chart or British Standard colour chart Farrow and Ball Colour Chart and with a range of finishes. We recommend using  acrylic on curtain walling spraying or office window spraying as it is durable and protects the surfaces from the environment. All of our quotes are free, you can email for a quote if pictures of the premises areprovided. We can arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements, subject tocompletion of health and safety information, and provide a full free quote. We wouldrecommend a site visit as this can reduce the quoted price!

Our customers are changing the colour of the windows and doors from white and brown to any colour now. The most popular is Ral 7016 Anthrecite Grey but we have had some weird and wonderful requests and they all look amazing. Everyone home or bussiness is different so the choice of colour is totally yours. The change in colour of your window and door frame will totally
change the appearance of your property adding that finishing touch. Take a look at our gallery page to see how the character of your property can be enhanced by spray painting your UPVC.



Remember, it’s always best to hire a professional when thinking about this kind of project. Contact the award winning Cheshire uPVC Coatings Today for a no obligation quote

We hope this answers some of your questions and hope to hear from you soon.