RAL Colours Grey

RAL Colour Grey

I get asked a lot what RAL colour Grey Should I paint may uPVC windows and doors so although we have a full RAL uPVC Paint Colour Chart  I though I would segment the different main colours out to show you the variations in colour for Grey uPVC Paint better.

RAL Anthracite Grey 7016

Anthracite Grey has subtle undertones of blue and green and looks great in natural light.

Generally our most popular RAL colour Grey for homeowners who are looking for a modern, stylish new look. Anthracite Grey has  will bring a touch of class to traditional and contemporary properties.

We’ve seen our Anthracite Grey uPVC Painting transform a whole range of properties, ranging from small traditional terraced properties to larger semi detached homes to much larger modern and affluent mansions. Whether you\’re looking to have your  front or back door spray painted, or you fancy a conservatory and fascias and gutters. Anthracite Grey is a great choice!

RAL Anthracite Grey 7016

How Many Types Of RAL Grey uPVC Paint Colours Are There?

There are however lots of other RAL colours of Grey you may consider . Have a look at the RAL Grey Colour Chart Below and see if any other shades catch your attention.


The other RAL Colour Grey uPVC Paint we generally get ask for are :-

Dark Squirell Grey RAL 7000
Silver Grey RAL 7001
Signal Grey RAL 7004
Iron Grey RAL 7011
Granite Grey RAL 7026
Platinum Grey RAL 7036
Traffic Grey B RAL 7043

If you require a quote for Grey uPVC Painting or any colour then don\’t hesitate to contact us