Can You Paint uPVC

Can You Paint uPVC Windows and Doors?

This is the question I get asked most and see most online so I thought I would write this blog to give you some facts. We have been painting uPVC for many years now and is becoming widely know as a much cheaper alternative to replacing uPVC units in your home or business.


What is uPVC?

Let\’s begin with some basic information about uPVC, regular PVC is actually Polyvinyl Chloride and is  standard rigid plastic which is lightweight and strong. You could find it is commonly used anywhere. uPVC is much softer and flexible type of plastic because it is hasn\’t had plasticizers added. Hence the name UPVC –  unplasticized polyvinyl chloride.

What Is uPVC Used For?

uPVC comes as standard now in a range of different colours , textures and finishes, including and widely used for windows and doors wood effect finish. uPVC is used as a substitute for wood windows, mainly as mentioned above for external use for uPVC Doors, windows, Conservatories, fascias, soffits and gutters. Most new buildings will be fitted with uPVC double glazed units as standards. People still do used wooden or aluminium windows but it is much more costly than uPVC and they will need more maintenance than uPVC hence why uPVC is the standard material for Doors windows and conservatories.


Painting uPVC Windows and Doors?

If you would like uPVC window and door spray painting but you don\’t want to do the work yourself or are not sure of the process to get a company in, do not worry Cheshire uPVC Coatings will be happy to complete the work for you. Our work is fully professional, and always to the highest standards. This will save you the mess and hassle of completing the job yourself and potentially making costly mistakes.

We use only fully trained and time served uPVC Painting and spraying specialists and they will use the very latest uPVC spray painting equipment to paint and renew your uPVC windows, doors and conservatory\’s to transform their colour and look. We have found that the price of painting your uPVC is up-to 80% cheaper than the cost of a full replacement. All of our uPVC Painting comes with comes with a 10-year guarantee and warranty and this will give your windows much more benefits than just a fresh new colour.

uPVC Windows and Door Colours

You can buy uPVC windows, doors,conservatories, fascia boards, Soffits and gutters in a range of colours now straight off the shelf which is a far cry from the original white and then then brown wood effect. When people then wanted to change the colour of the uPVC fitted in their home or business they would have to replace the units and go through the hassle and expensive as well as the building work and mess which can disrupt your life considerably. Hence why uPVC Painting has grown dramatically. uPVC Painting is now a much more cost effective and flexible way to change the colour of your uPVC windows, doors,conservatories, fascia boards, Soffits and Gutters and their is a much larger range of colours available. Have a look at our uPVC Paint Colour Chart to get an idea of what colour you would like and if you require a quote or have any questions at all about painting your uPVC we are more than happy to give you a no obligation quote and answer your questions.

How Much Does uPVC Painting Cost?

This generally depends on the amount of uPVC to be painted so as an example a standard uPVC door to be painted either internally or externally is £150 + Vat but if you are having multiple units painted then we would work out a quote specific to you.

Have a look at this project in more detail with added images.

If you require a full quote or a general idea on price then don’t hesitate to either call or fill out a contact form and one of our team will be happy to help with any questions you have like “How much does uPVC painting cost?”

We hope this answers some of your questions and hope to hear from you soon.