uPVC Paint and What Is It ?

What is uPVC Paint?

uPVC Paint is a specialist type of paint which is sprayed on to plastic. It is used to coat or cover PVC ,PVCu, (uPVC), as well as many other types of hard or hardened plastic like ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic and polyester powder coatings and comes in a variety of colours.

Because of the smooth shiny surface and expansion properties of plastic normal paint wont adhere to its surface effectively, so will peel and crack over time. This was a problem which has been solved with uPVC Paint which will actually bond with the plastic on a molecular level and form a complete protective coating as well as a fresh new colour and look. This means the uPVC Paint coating will now be flexible and will protect the uPVC frames from heat and the suns UV rays.

We generally don’t have any requests for brand new uPVC frames to be sprayed because they could just choose the colour of frames they wanted in the first place.

uPVC Paint is extremely colour stable and UV resistant which makes it hold its colour, without excess fading. One very important note is we advise that brand new uPVC not be painted within the first 6 – 12 months after installation. The reason for this is when uPVC frames are manufactured there are certain resins which may be released from the uPVC frames over the first few months just like when you plaster a wall you have to leave it to dry properly before painting.

Can I Paint my uPVC Windows and Doors ?

Yes you can paint your uPVC windows, Doors, Garage doors, Conservatories, Fascias , Soffits and Gutters but it isn’t as easy as painting for example wooden doors and windows. We have written a simple guide  How Do You Paint  uPVC . We wouldn’t recommend trying to use uPVC paint and Painting them yourself in case you make a mistake, which is very easily done. You may  be left with cracked and peeling paint which is more expensive to fix. Why not get an expert in? just contact today for a no obligation quote and we will wow you with how cheap it is to get a specialist uPVC Painter compared to replacing old tired uPVC windows and Doors

The paint we use comes with a 10 year guarantee against cracking, peeling and excessive fading and we pass this guarantee on to all customer when we paint uPVC Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Garage Doors,  Fascias, Gutters and Soffits.

What Colour uPVC Paint Can I Get

You can pick from hundreds of colours. We use a standard RAL Colour Chart and  have made you a full uPVC Paint Colour Chart with all the available colours available. Here is a few of the most popular colours for you to look though and if you cant find a colour you like the please let us know and we can colour match for you.