uPVC Paint Repairs, uPVC Paint Peeling?


uPVC Paint Repairs, uPVC Paint Peeling?

Can You Repair / Fix Badly Painted uPVC? 

Most people are now aware that uPVC Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Garage Doors,  Fascias, Gutters and Soffits can be painted instead of having to just replace old or even new uPVC if you wanted a change of colour. This has become more popular mainly because of the vast difference in price between replacing the units and the spray painting of them. We have seen savings of up to 80% which is great news for customers. However uPVC Spray Painting isn’t as easy as regular painting which has led to many people and companies making the mistake of trying to paint uPVC themselves when they have no experience or are not qualified. This has led to the increase in badly painted uPVC and the rise in enquiries we have had to fix other peoples and companies badly completed work.


How Did I / They Make a Mistake When Painting My uPVC Frames

uPVC Spray painting is a lot more difficult than normal painting. You have to prepare the uPVC frames correctly or the paint won\’t adhere properly and can result in cracking and peeling. You have to be proficient in spray painting or you may get runs in the finish or coat the frames to thinly which will result in fading of paint.  This is why we always say that you uPVC painting is learned over many years and needs lots of practice. There are other potential risks when using specialist uPVC Painting equipment which includes injecting yourself with paint from the high-pressure paint sprayer, which technically can be deadly. For these reasons we would always recommend for everyone to use a professional company with lots of experience is used. this should ensure a clean, complete and thorough job is done with the correct uPVC paint finish and no harm, damage or mistakes are made. We are always happy to provide quotes for Specialist uPVC Painting for residential or commercial customers and can paint uPVC Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Garage Doors, Fascias, Gutters and Soffits. Just fill out the simple form and we will be happy to help.

(The Paint Is Too Thick) Could be due to an incorrect adjustment of the spray gun, the excessive flow rate of the uPVC paint and low atomization pressure. Possibly the solvents are evaporating too quickly.

How Do You Fix Common uPVC Painting Problems?

We approach every job in a similar manner. These are the general steps we take when readying the area before spraying.

1)    Asses the Frames fully.

2)    Clear the surrounding areas of items.

3)    Cover any flooring if necessary.

4)    Clean of peeling paint.

5)    Clean the existing frames with specialist solutions to help the paint adhere.

6)    Key the existing paint to give the extra base for paint to stick to.

7)    Wipe clean.

8)    Mask of the surrounding paintwork and brickwork.

Once they are all ready for paint then the real hard work starts.

How Do You Paint uPVC Properly?

We make sure we stir the uPVC paint very well and that it isnt too thick, we can also strain the uPVC Paint which will prevent against possible clogging in a spray gun tip or in any of spray gun filters.

When actually using a spray gun we keep the spray gun moving in slow, long and straight strokes and stay a similar distance away from the frames being sprayed. Our specialist spray technicians will apply a smooth even coat. It is best practice to Overlap each stroke or pass of the spray gun with half the width of the sprayed area coverage to ensure against leaving stripes or and lighter areas.

We always recommend starting painting from the corners and spraying any protrusions first. After that, we will move to the larger flat areas. After we have sprayed each area of uPVC, the spray specialist will take a look for any blemishes or spots in the finish. If there are any we will recover to remove them. We would normally cover with 3 coats for most uPVC windows, doors, conservatories, gutters, fascias, and soffits.  This will give plenty of time to cover any imperfections and guarantee complete coverage so we have a clean finish.


A Variety Of uPVC Paint Colours Available

The process of painting uPVC windows and doors frames is also a lot less messy than having them replaced. Having the benefit of choosing any colour that you want will allow you to make sure that you get the perfect finish for the windows and doors of your home, and also adding curb appeal. You can make your home the envy of the neighbourhood by choosing a specific colour to make your home stand out. Cheshire uPVC Coating can mix just about any colour that you want, so you can change the look of your home quickly and efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost of replacing window frames and doors.

  • Anthracite Grey uPVC Paint RAL 7016
  • Brown uPVC Paint Ral RAL 1011
  • White uPVC Paint RAL 1013
  • Silver Grey uPVC Paint RAL 7001
  • Black uPVC Paint RAL 9005 or RAL 9011
  • Slate Grey uPVC Paint RAL 7015
  • Bright Red uPVC Paint RAL 3026
  • Green Blue uPVC Paint RAL 5001

And many more colours of uPVC paint to choose from …..


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