uPVC Spraying

What is uPVC Spraying?

uPVC Spraying and what is it?

uPVC spraying is a way to change your uPVC colour and protect the frames from the elements. We can spray Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Fascias, Soffits and Gutters. Times gone by you would replace your tired looking uPVC when it gets faded or in extreme circumstances can start to peel or if you wanted to have different coloured uPVC.   Cheshire uPVC Coatings will transform the look of your home or commercial property and will charge up to 80% less than the cost of replacing the exact same units. Cheshire uPVC Coatings use the only the very latest spray painting equipment which will leave your uPVC Frames looking like new. Whether you want a single uPVC door spray painting or a full house is exactly what you need. We have a full Ral colour chart and you can choose from many different colours or if requested we can colour match your favourite Paint colour.  If You are looking for a uPVC Sprayer please don\’t hesitate to contact for a no-obligation quote. Mobile: 07985 511 115

uPVC Window Spraying

Cheshire uPVC Coatings have been spraying uPVC frames of all types for many years and we have found that one of the biggest transformations you can get is when we spray paint window.  We have spray painted hundreds of homes and commercial premises uPVC windows and the result is the same every time, They now look much better than they were and the curb appeal is greatly increased.
Our team of spray painting professionals always mask all glass and the surrounding brickwork and areas as well as covering any flooring. uPVC Window Painting can be done internally and externally which will mean that you can benefit from the great new colour and look from the comfort of your sofa.
We have found in most cases It will add financial and saleable value to your property and make and increase the look of an area. If You are looking for a uPVC Window Sprayer please don\’t hesitate to contact for a no-obligation quote. Mobile: 07985 511 115

uPVC Door Sprayers

A great front door can make a home or premises so its look and colour is the first thing a visitor/buyer/ guest/customer sees, so it has to look its best. Most uPVC Doors over time will fade and start to look tired or you may just decide you want a different colour then we can help you. We will respray your uPVC door or doors to a fresh new colour of your choice and it will cost a fraction of the price of replacing the same door/s. Our team of uPVC spraying specialists will use the very latest spraying equipment to professionally respray your doors interior and exterior surfaces to a fresh colour of your choice. If You are looking for a uPVC Door Sprayer please don\’t hesitate to contact for a no-obligation quote. Mobile: 07985 511 115


uPVC Conservatory Spraying

Why go to the hassle and expense of replacing your conservatory when our uPVC conservatory spraying service will transform your conservatory quickly, and with no disruption to your home at all. Just as with your windows and doors you can pick from a wide variety of different colours. It will make your conservatory look like new and will give your home a fresh lease of life. To help clients decide which colour they should or would choose to paint their conservatory they can look though a full RAl uPVC paint colour Chart or we are happy to match a colour of their choice. uPVc Conservatory spraying will extend its life and protect it from all weather conditions. We know that our spraying service is a fraction of the cost of replacing and generally 80% cheaper than replacing. If You are looking for a uPVC Conservatory Sprayer please don\’t hesitate to contact for a no-obligation quote. Mobile: 07985 511 115


Commercial uPVC Spraying

It isn’t only homes that can benefit from our uPVC spraying service. We have improved the appearance of many commercial properties too. If your businesses building looks a little worse for wear, getting your commercial property uPVC resprayed is a great way to spruce it up without eating into your profits. The way your businesses windows, doors & PVC fittings look will have a lasting impression on your customers and suppliers, so make sure that your business looks the business! Our team of experts will be able to restore your property with minimal disruption to your business. We have restored offices, shop fronts, restaurants, factories, schools… you name it, we’ve resprayed their uPVC. If You are looking for a uPVC Commercial Sprayer please don\’t hesitate to contact for a no-obligation quote. Mobile: 07985 511 115

uPVC Cladding Spraying Services

As well as providing uPVC Spraying services to domestic and small business users, we also offer commercial Claddingspraying and painting services across a wide range of different industries including offices, Apartment blocks and industrial unitsIf You are looking for a uPVC Cladding Sprayer please don\’t hesitate to contact for a no-obligation quote. Mobile: 07985 511 115


What uPVC can be Sprayed?

Here are a few of the main things peope ask to be spray painted.

  • uPVC Doors Externally
  • uPVC Doors Internally
  • uPVC Windows
  • uPVC Fascias
  • uPVC Soffits
  • uPVC Gutters
  • uPVC Conservatories
  • uPVC Garage Doors
  • uPVC Cladding

uPVC Spraying Benefits

  • Coating any uPVC will protect it from the weather and elements. It will extend its lifespan potentially by 10 – 15 years.
  • uPVC Spraying / Painting / Coating is widely known as less than 20% of the price of replacing the same units.
  • No Builders needed. uPVc Spraying works will cause you NO MESS, NO HASSLE, NO FUSS and dependant on the size of the unit, internally or externally can be completed in anything from 1 hour to a couple of days.
  • Protection: Our specialist paint is fully time and weather durable, and we provide you with a
  • You can choose from over 100 different colours from a standard RAL colour chart or we can match a colour of your choice.
  • You can have different colours on different parts of your property as well as inside and outside which isn’t available if you replace your existing uPVC.
  • A fresh new look will increase your properties curb appeal and can increase the value of your property and premises. We have found that investors are very interested in increasing the resale value of houses. It can increase footfall into a business.


The cost of uPVC Spraying is widely accepted as 80% cheaper than replacing the exact same units and will give you a 10 year guarantee against cracking, peeling and fading on all work completed. If You are looking for a uPVC Sprayer please don\’t hesitate to contact for a no-obligation quote. Mobile: 07985 511 115

WHY Choose Us ?

Cheshire uPVC Coating are proud to be a family run business and servicing customers across the UK for over 25 years.

We offer our uPVC spray painting services across the UK and also provide a ten-year guarantee on all of our work. We like to keep our rates as competitive as possible, which is why we will not be beaten on price and offer a price match guarantee, contact us for more details.

We have built our reputation over the years for not only providing a high-quality uPVC paint spraying service at affordable prices but going that extra mile and giving the best in customer service also.