uPVC Painting Prices & Cost\’s

uPVC Painting Prices & Cost\’s

We are an established time served spraying company that specialises in spray painting internally and externally. We won\’t be beaten on uPVC Painting prices so get a quick quote and we will impress you with cost and quality.

How Much Does UPVC Spray Painting Cost?

The price of uPVC painting varies dramatically the overall cost of uPVC painting and spraying is dependant on many different factors.  You can have anything from 1 door all the way up to a full house internally and externally. We can also do commercial and industrial painting as well.

Here are some general prices based on a few individual elements we can spray paint.

UPVC Spray Painting Prices

We offer a Price Match Guarantee so here are a few things we can spray paint to help you budget correctly.

£145.00 for a UPVC Window

£150.00 for a UPVC Door

£220.00 per uPVC Door and uPVC Door frame

£260.00 for a uPVC/ Composite/ Metal Double Garage Door

£680 for a Small 3 bed Terr House


All prices are estimated on general sizes and easy of painting and will include paint, travel and labour. For multiple areas or items to be painted then contact us for a free quote. The more items you have painted then there is cost-saving for us which we can pass on to you.

We offer a full 10-year guarantee on all paint used.

We reseal of windows and door frames with a colour match sealant.

Full aftercare to ensure the paint finish is up to standard.

Time served sprayers who are specialist in all types of spray painting.


UPVC Painting Price Quote Examples

1)  Request  – I have a small 2-bed terraced house that needs the windows and doors painting . 2 windows at the top, front door and lounge window.

UPVC Spraying Quote    – £145 per window x3 ( £435)   – £150 x 1 ( 150)    means in total £585 and we agreed on a total price of Total  £550.

2)  Request  – I have a double garage door that I want in grey.

UPVC Painting Quote    – £260  for the garage door but as his gutters were white so we agreed a further £50 to paint those in grey as well. Total £310

3) Request – I Live in Liverpool and have a larger white pebble-dashed 4 bed detached with a separate garage can you quote me to paint all the windows and doors in black

UPVC Painting Quote –  We arranged a site visit and on inspection, the house had a total of 14 windows of varying sizes x £150 ( £2100) 2 doors x £220 ( 440)   and double patios sliding doors £350 ( £350) means in full £2890 and agree on a final price for everything of £2700 which was a saving of £190 which the customer was happy with.

4)  Request – I have a shop and want the first painted to make it look better. Its red at the minute and want to keep it the same colour just needs to be clean and fresh.

UPVC Shop Painting Quote    – the shop consisted of large main window x 1 £300 ( £300) – 2 upstairs windows £150 x 2 ( £300)  1 x door and frame ( £220)  means in total £820 so we agreed a final price of £730 which the customer was fully happy with.

We are always happy to quote from pictuires sent but will always be able to get a much truer idea of how much or liitle work isinvloved from doing a site visit.


Remember, it’s always best to hire a professional when thinking about this kind of project. Contact the award winning Cheshire uPVC Coatings Today for a no obligation quote

We hope this answers some of your questions and hope to hear from you soon.